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It's really way too early for me to worry about this, as I am only a soon-to-be Marine Option scholarship midshipman, but I was just wanting to ask some things about how officers are assigned their MOS.

I understand that near the end of TBS, you will be ranked into a linear list of all Lieutenants in your TBS company. And from that list, they make 3 groups. Each group almost always has an equal number of slots for each MOS, so even if you were in the bottom third, you may still get your desired MOS if you're at the top of the bottom third.

Having said all that, my top three MOS preferences I will make at TBS are 1. Infantry 2. Artillery and 3. Armor. I understand these are competitive MOSs, but if I'm in the middle, or even lower in my "third", will I still be likely to gget one of the combat arms slots? Or is it so competitive that the first 20 people in your group will ask for the slots right away during the selection process?

Best Answer:  Everyone else hit the wickets, but this should tie it all together for you.

When you apply for OCS, it is as one of three things: Ground, Air, or Law. If coming from the Academy, you choose while still a mid. For Law contracts, there is no choice of MOS. Aviators select airframe during flight school, and ground guys are assigned an MOS at TBS. At that school, you are constantly talking about MOS options, exploring the fields, interacting with officers from those fields, and even attending social events ("MOS Mixers") designed to teach you about the communities.

About halfway through TBS, you give your Staff Platoon Commander (SPC - the Captain in charge of your TBS experience) a list with every MOS ranked from #1 to ~#21. About 2/3 into the course, your SPC goes into a room with every other SPC and has a notecard w/ your name. There are X number of slots for each MOS (X depends on the class), and based on (1) your class standing, (2) your desires, (3) SPC opinion of your personality, and (4) 'crack deals' with other SPCs, each notecard ends up hanging on a hook.

The ONLY exceptions to that are 'uniquely qualified' Marines. It's damn next to impossible to get such a request approved. For example, a good friend of mine speaks Spanish, Arabic, Italian, and lived abroad for many years. He applied to be considered uniquely qualified for Human Intelligence (0204), but was denied. He got it anyway through the normal process, because our SPC went to bat for him and he was a natural for the job.

If you have any further questions on the subject, let me know.

Source(s): - This link is slow or broken. Last time it worked, it showed a breakdown in a sample class of who got what MOS, replete with stats for what % got their first choice, second choice, etc. I think 80% got first choice, 10% second choice, 5% third choice, and so forth...almost nobody gets outside of their top 5.

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