My Favorite Movie 3 Idiots Essay

I think all my Indian friends who lives in India or Abroad had seen 3 Idiots movie till now. If you still not seen this movie then don’t waste time and go for it. This film is inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s famous best seller book 5 point someone. Chetan Bhagat is one of the India’s highest selling author. So this is all about 3 Idiots now we come to the point that What the four things which we can do for making our blogging experience better.

What you can learn from 3 Idiots Movie ?

Most of movie has a meaning. Though, it”s up to use how we perceive the message and implement in life. 3 Idiots is about 3 guys who wanted to do something else and joined engineering because of parents pressure but at the final stage of engineering many incidents happened which make them realize the truth of life and they started doing something, they wanted to do from start. Let’s see what all one person can learn from 3 idiots movie.

1) Do work with Passion and Choice

This applies to every blogger. If you can point out best part of yours like which are the best topics you can write about it. You should find your strength and understanding about Subject. Once you done with that try to find blog in the same vertical which you want to write about. Keep note about the best part of the said blog. Now make a list which all you want to write about it. That’s it. You are almost done. Now it’s time be innovative and find some blogs with guest author allowed which is related to your blog idea or start a blog.

On other part the blogger all ready start his blog should keep studying their  Google Analytics results, this will help you to give an idea which kind of articles people would like to read and people are searching for. If you still have confusion then keep a poll on your this will give better output from your readers mind.

The foremost  thing is that if you are passionate about your subject and thoughts you are going to be successful very soon. You must have to keep walking on your path.

2) Believe in Your Self (All is well)

During the film Amir Khan keep on saying that “All izz well” the goal behind this thing is you should motivate yourself and You must believe in you that you can do this.

Once you choose the subject and start exploring about it then you must trust yourself that your decision is good and you will get success. Meanwhile you should keep noticing about what other blogger or famous blogger are doing. You can be more social @ Social Media and share about your thoughts and blogs to your friends, Family and Fans. Once you reach to certain level you must focus on expanding friends network you can do it via Guest Blogging, Facebook, Twitter etc. This all will give you Brand about your work, this will reward your handsome. and of course you will say ALL IS WELL.

3) Chase Excellence Success will follow you.

Major blogger are missing on this point. They are chasing for more visitor and more adsense Income. You should not chase behind this. You must have very unique and out of the box content at your blog. The more unique and the more innovative you keep writing visitor will come automatically. You don’t need to go and hunt them.

Google is also love unique and fresh content. I will recommend you to be more research oriented. You must have done good research about the topic before start writing. This will not only help you to write good content but also help you to explore more and more details about the topic. Ultimately It’s the way to impress your readers.

4 ) Always Have few Idiots friends with you.

Here I mean to say Idiots is not fools but people like you who think out of the box and who have passion to do the things. Social Media is the best way to go about it. Many blogger are thinking is Social Media is just about Twitter, Facebook and Orkut. It’s not like that. It’s more then that like Video promotions, RSS Promotions, Photo sharing etc.

You must have friends who can help you to retweet your twitts, Stumble, Digg or at Facebook Promotions. Friends always helps and its Vice-versa method. When you publish you new post just update your friends via various media like RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble, Digg etc. Don’t expect your friends will contribute for all but few will contribute for few things this will work and your blog post will get more boost compare to pervious. This way you can keep in touch with you friends and share as well as gain knowledge.

If you have not seen 3 idiots movie, grab a copy from Amazon or watch it online or offline. What other inspirational movie, would you recommend to us?

This is a Guest post by Jaydip Parikh, who writes at If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read Shoutmeloud Guest Author program.

My  favourite movie is 3 Idiots.This is a story of the three engineering students in Imperial College of Engineering who finds their friendship as making themselves like idiots but learning from it. The main casts were Farhan Qureshi acted by R. Madhavan, Raju Rastogi acted by Sharman Joshi and Ranchoddas Shamaldas “Rancho” Chanchad acted by Aamir Khan.The main reason why I like love film, inspite of being a comedy carries a message and it’s about humanity. Other than that, I like this movie because it conveys about our schooling system. Nowadays, rote memorization isn't the only thing,it is the understanding of the subject that is needed more than that. It also conveys about expectations of parents and teachers from students. That it is about what one truly enjoys doing than to do what earns more. That grades are not everything.Moreover,In this movie it shows me that we must care and love our family. I really love my family. I always keep my promises for them, to raise them from poverty and to travel with them around the world. What I wanted for my family is to make them happy. Like Raju,we just want to free our family from poor quality that we had. Still I am happy though my family is striving crisis, because I believe that what important is, you are together with your family and you are having fun. This film influences me so much especially the quote “All is well” that always comes out from the mouth of Rancho. I belives that whatever circumstances may lead, if there is any obstacle I may encounter, I will just say this and I will be calm because I believes that there must be a solution in every problem.


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