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The goal here is to strike a balance between discussing the academic advantages of Rice, and the sociocultural elements of Rice’s campus that dovetail with your personality and goals. You will especially want to avoid the pitfall of common sentiments here — instead of citing the low student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes that the university’s website advertises (which is also found at other schools), dig deeper beyond the first sub-page on Rice’s website to find information that most candidates do not have.


Also refrain from repeating the benefits of the particular school and major you wrote about in the previous essays; although they may well be unique characteristics of Rice, this question asks for you to expound on how you embody the spirit of Rice as a cultural community rather than the academic benefits you may reap at the school.


While the social climate of any school is largely intangible and difficult to determine from the outside, you can discuss student organizations that particularly interest you, as well as aspects of the Rice community that are implied by their admissions materials. For example, if promoting interdisciplinary studies is a priority for you, referencing groups like the Houston Institute Club, whose mission is to “explore the intersection of the humanities with the sciences and technology,” could demonstrate how the culture of Rice satisfies that personal principle.


It is particularly helpful to reach out to current Rice students to get an idea of what their typical day and college culture are like. Questions to consider include: What is the extent of intellectual debate on Rice’s campus? What kinds of conversations do students have outside of the classroom?


To lend some cohesiveness to the essay, tie your answer to the first question (how did you learn about Rice?) with that of the second (what motivated you to apply?). What was it about your first impression of Rice that made you want to attend the school?


The extra 100 words available in comparison to the previous 150-word limits lend the illusion of “sufficient space” to write about many disparate elements of Rice. However, 250 words, on an absolute scale, are very little. Allocate a modest 50 words to the introduction and conclusion each, and you are left with a mere 150 words for the content. Hence, it is vital that you focus on two critical factors that inspired your application. This strategy also avoids giving your essay the appearance of a list of praise for Rice.

Rice MBA Essay Questions 2017-2018

The Jones Graduate School of Business admissions committee has posted the Rice MBA essay questions. Rice MBA applicants will respond to two required essays as well as an optional essay. Reapplicants to the program are required to complete an additional Reapplicant Essay.


2017-2018 Rice / Jones MBA Essay Questions

Required Video Essay

“Everyone has a unique story and path that have led them to this point. What is your story from both a professional and personal standpoint? How does the Rice Business experience fit into your story?” (Three minute limit)

We encourage you to be creative with your video! However, please note that the video essay must include you speaking on camera so that the admissions committee and can not only hear you, but can also see you share your story. 

Required Written Essay (choose one)

“Describe a defining moment or event that changed your life.” (300 word limit)

“What are the top 10 items on your bucket list?” (One-page limit, bullet points allowed)

“Tell us something, different, quirky, and/or interesting about yourself that the admissions committee wouldn’t glean from the rest of your application or interview.” (250 word limit)

Optional Essay
If you have any additional information for the admissions committee or if you wish to clarify any aspect of your application (including breaks in employment, your choice of recommendation providers, your past academic performance, etc.), you may submit an additional, optional essay. (One-page limit, bullet points allowed)

Reapplicant Essay
Think about the time that has elapsed since you last applied to a Rice Business program. What actions have you taken to improve your candidacy? (Maximum 750 words)





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