Qrb 501 Week 2 Team Assignment Form

Case 5-2 Template Variables Used CV= $3.50 SV= 0.50 R= $7,000.00 Excel Formula CT= $4,000.00 Variables Used CT= $10,000.00 SV= 0.50 CV= $3.50 Excel Formula R= $17,500.00 Variables Used RP= $0.12 PD= 14.75 R%= 1.00 Excel Formula R=-$1.65 INSTRUCTIONS: Read the case in the textbook. As a team, answer the questions in this spreadsheet, then save and submit the assignment as one Microsoft® Excel® attachment. Also, submit a 1-paragraph Microsoft® Word document explaining any issues or successes you had in answering these questions. Refer to and use the following abbreviations for the problems below: • R = Royalty Payment • CT = Artist Credit Total • SV = Share Value • CV = Credit Value • RP = Retail Price • PD= Packaging Deduction • R%=Royalty Percentage of Suggested Retail Price minus packaging 1. Ziam wants to know how much his royalty will be for a song he has written. How will it be calculated? Write the steps or the formulas that will be used to calculate his royalty payment. To locate the royalty value one would have to multiply the share value, credit total, and credit value as shown here: R=(CT) (SV)(CV) 2. Ziam has written a popular song titled “Going There,” which has been recorded by a well-known performer. He recently received a royalty check for $7,000. If Ziam gets a 0.5 share of the royalties and the credit value is $3.50, what was the credit total that his song earned? Write out the problem in the form of an equation and solve it. (Use the equation below and show your work in this cell to solve for the credit total.) Manual Equation : R = (CT)(SV)(CV) CT = R(SV*CV) CT = $7000/1.75 CT = $4000 Use the marked cells below to fill in the appropriate numbers for the variables (CV, SV, and R) to check your answer for the credit total. Use the cursor to highlight the yellow cell and look at the area above the column headings to see the background formula. You should see the formula, =E15/ (E13*E14). By changing the CV, SV, or R values in the Excel reference formula

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