Byzantine Empire Map Assignment For 9th Grade

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Mapping the Lands of the Byzantine Empire Activity (Part of my Geography IN History Series)

This mapping activity guides students through mapping the physical features of the Byzantine Empire (Early Christian Civilization) by researching 15 different questions and topics on the region. Students can use an atlas with a physical map of the region or online sources to complete the activity.

Includes a map of the region and the student handout with 15 questions for mapping and 3 wrap-up questions.
A photographed completed assignment is provided for a key.

Created for use leading into a unit on the Early Christian Empire, but could be used for any geographic study of the region.

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55 minutes

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The Division of the Roman Empire & the Start of the Byzantine Empire

Tasks for Monday, January 29th

We are going to be discussing the importance of the Eastern half of the empire after 476 A.D. (or what we call the Byzantine Empire) but before we do...  Let's briefly look at how Western Europe changed after it fell.  We are going to learn about this in much greater detail in the spring! 
Nearpod Activity Notes - Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire
PLAYPOSIT ACTIVITY NOTES- Constantine's New Capital!  
View the video "Constantine's New Capital" and answer the questions on your worksheet and in the video as you watch.  

STEP 3 - MAP ACTIVITY - Beginning of the Byzantine Empire
Directions:​  Use the multiple maps and step by step directions below to complete your map.  This map will show the split of the eastern and western Roman Empire, where the Byzantine Empire was located and the major waterways and cities important to it.  20 Classwork/Homework Points.  

Learning Targets:  
I can identify the location of the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople. 


1. Begin the map analysis questions.  
2. Answer them fully using information you have learned about the fall of Western Rome and your map to help you.  
3. When you finish, turn them in to me. 

Interesting Article about the Byzantine Empire

Get the assignment from the front table titled "10 Interesting Facts about the Byzantine Empire".  
​Use the article below to complete the assignment.  
When you have finished EVERYTHING above you can choose what to do the rest of the class from the activities below:  


Quarterly Extra Credit Opportunity

HIS 8.  Empires in Africa (Ghana, Mali and Songhay) and Asia (Byzantine, Ottoman, Mughal and China) grew as commercial and cultural centers along trade routes.
Learning Targets:  
  • I can identify the location of the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople. 
  • I can demonstrate my understanding that the Byzantine Empire grew as a commercial and cultural center along trade routes. 
Assessment:  Quiz.
Task 1 -  2 Edcite Assignments
Go to Edcite and complete the two assignments below:

1. Do the assignment titled "End of Roman Empire and Beginning of Byzantine Empire" FIRST

2. Do the assignment titled "Constantinople" SECOND
Task 2 - NEWSELA Article - The Byzantine Empire

Go to Google Classroom and complete the NEWSELA Assignment titled - The Byzantine Empire. Read the article and do both the written activity and the quiz.  
Fill in the Notes Sheet as we go through the Nearpod Activities. 
Step 1 - 8 pts
Label the following bodies of water:
1.   Mediterranean Sea
2.   Black Sea
3.   Aegean Sea
4.   Bosporus Strait 
5.   Atlantic Ocean
Label the following continents:  (YOU SHOULD KNOW THESE) - 
6..    Europe
7.   (North) Africa
8.   Asia

Step 2 - 2 pts
Label the following cities: 
1.   Rome
2.   Constantinople

Step 3 - 1 pt
Draw a RED line or border between the western and eastern Roman Empires.

Step 4 - 3 pts
Follow the coloring instructions below:
1.    Bodies of water – BLUE
2.   Cities – BLACK (dot)
4.   Eastern Roman Empire – GREEN

Step 5 - 1 pt
Put a compass somewhere on your map.

Step 6 - 5 pts
In anyway that you want (pictures, words, symbols) you need to show 3 more things on your map…
1.   The change in Western Europe (from empire to separate kingdoms).  For example - you might outline the new borders and draw crowns in those spots to symbolize the separate kingdoms. 3 pts
2.   When the Western Roman Empire declined (date - AD 476). For example - you might just write a sentence under the map describing what happened in 476.  1 pt
3.  The new name of the Eastern Roman Empire - The Byzantine Empire. 1 pt

Choose a level and drag events to their correct spot on the timeline!  

Test your knowledge of the geography of the world!  
How well can you calculate a map scale to measure distance between cities?
Can you locate continents, countries, cities, etc?  

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