Lesson 6 Homework Practice Use The Pythagorean Theorem Answers

Mrs. Briggs' 7th Grade Course 3
 Math Homework


http://connected.mcgraw-hill.com/connected/login.do  This is the link to our textbook.  Here they can access the book, worksheets, quizzes, tutor example explanations, and many more tools!   Every student has a login and password.  If they've have lost or forgotten it, please email me and I will send it to you.


I will do my best to update this page every day. I don't like to give all the assignments for the week at once because I may change the day's homework depending on if we are behind or, if I feel we are really understanding the concept, I may just give the more rigorous word problems.

The homework assigned is always due the next day unless stated otherwise.

*** If Absent---Students will be expected to look on the board for the previous days' assignments (or look on my website) and ask me for the assignment if a worksheet was given. Students are expected to complete the work we did in class as well as the homework that was assigned. The work is due the next day if they were only absent one day.

Daily assignments are usually worth 10 points and students can earn the 10 points if every problem is genuinely attempted. Students can earn 5 points if at least 50% of their assignments is completed and 0 points are given if less than half of the assigments is completed. Students may finish the assignment and turn it in late for 5 points within 2 weeks of the original assigned date.

PENCIL is required for all math work in my class to receive full credit. Students must also put their name of their paper for credit.


Since we do a lot of work in class, I will try to give you an idea of what we've done in class together and then let you know what homework was assigned that day for a score in the grade book.



Wednesday, August 28: Today flew by!  It was good to meet the students!  We will go over class rules tomorrow.  We discussed the supply list and passed out and labeled books. Students also completed Quick check on P. 6 in the text and we graphed our progress.

HOMEWORK:  "Are You Ready?"  W.S. both sides---Review and Apply 


Thursday, August 29: Discussed rules and expectation sheet and did a People Scavenger Hunt.  :)   Corrected, and discussed grading.  I started teaching Chapter 1 lesson 1---Rational Numbers.

HOMEWORK: Bring back signed expectation sheet


Friday, August 30:  Getting to Know you sheet---rational number chart in book, added to composition notebook, discussed p. 8 repeating vs. terminating decimals, and complete 1 example of converting a repeating decimal into a fraction 



Tuesday, September 4

HOMEWORK: p. 11 1-10


Wednesday, September 5 -Vocab--Base, power, exponent and went over examples  and "Got its" from Ch. 1 lesson 2  (1-2)

HOMEWORK: p. 19-20  1-12 and finish repeating decimal WS


Thursday, September 6:  Together the kids completed p. 21  #19-26 as table groups and then p. 22 28-29 on white boards.   We began ch. 1 lesson 3 on p. 23-27 and did examples 1-6  together.

HOMEWORK: none today


Friday, September 7:  We spent about 25 minutes of our class doing Aimsweb Testing which our school does 3 times a year.  This test helps us monitor our students' progress.   Next the kids had time to work on the homework                  p. 27-28 1-20.

HOMEWORK:  p. 27-28  1-20





Monday, September 9:  For an entry task we did p. 28 19-23, then corrected, then started Lesson 4 on Page. 31-34  We did the example problems in our composition notebook and the Got Its: 

HOMEWORK: P. 35 1-14


Tuesday, September 10:  Started the day with an ET p. 35  15-17.  Next we worked with our Firework partners on p. 29 26-32 and then completed a 3 pt. partner quiz.

HOMEWORK:  P. 30 37-42 is a little review on multiplying positive and negative numbers.


Wednesday, September 11:  ET p. 37  #25-28.  Next we corrected and then as a group we completed p. 37  #29-37 on whiteboards.  Then we started the Problems Solving Investigation on p. 39-41

HOMEWORK:  P. 39-41   # 2-6


Thursday, September 12:  Today we had our first individual  10pt. quiz.  We went over the problems; kids can come in after school if they are not understanding &/or to retake the quiz.   Then corrected yesterday's homework. 

HOMEWORK: Read p. 42-44 (6 min.)


Friday, September 13:  We updated our lesson 3-4 rubrics after looking at yesterday's quiz.  Did a 1-1 ET, and then corrected.  Next, we started Lesson 5 p. 43-46 and completed expamples 1-5 and the Got its on page 44.  We will continue with this lesson on Monday. 

HOMEWORK:  p. 47 1-10


Monday, September 16:  We discussed how to retake quiz points and completed an ET P. 46 1-8.  Next we did ex. 6-7 on page 45 and then the Got Its and the Guided Practice on p. 46 10-13 together.  Next, they worked on the assignment with their Dynomite partner

HOMEWORK:  P. 47-8 11-20 and a 6th grade review:  P. 50 45-54  (the answers in the back of the book are incorrect for this page.)    
 ----study for quiz on Wednesday



Tuesday, September 17:  We corrected and moved to Lesson 6 writing down example problems 1-4 and completing the got its. 

HOMEWORK:  P. 55    1-7


Wednesday, September 18:  16 pt. Quiz over lessons 1-5 today



Thursday, September 19:  Today we updated our rubrics, corrected and then discussed examples 5 & 6 and did the got its on p. 53-54.  They they completed  p. 55 8-11 as a group or alone.

HOMEWORK: P. 57-58   18-29 and 36-38


Friday, September 20:  We corrected and went right into Lesson 7 on p. 59-62.  We completed the 4 example problems.

HOMEWORK:  p. 64 1-11


Monday, September 23:  Today we completed P. 64 12-16 skipped 15 together as an ET.  Next we corrected and then had time to work on HW

HOMEWORK:  P. 65 19-27---- 23 and 24 are hard  (just try)


Tuesday, September 24:  We started off the day with a 3 pt. quiz on lesson 6 and 3 pt. quiz on lesson 7.  We quickly corrected and then corrected homework.  Next we moved into Lesson 8 on page 71-73, but only got through examples 1-4.  We learned also how to use the radical (square root symbol on the school's calculator.)

HOMEWORK: p. 75 1-9


Wednesday, September 25-  We updated our rubrics by looking at the quiz scores from yesterday and then corrected and finished up examples from lesson 8  (#5-8)

HOMEWORK: p.  p. 74 1-9 and page 75-76 10-17


Thursday, September 26:  We started off working with our Firework partners and completed  25-37.  We corrected and then went right into lesson 9 p. 81-84.  they had about 7 min. to work on the HW.

HOMEWORK: P. 85 1-11


Friday, September 27:  We corrected and discussed and complete P. 85 12-14 together as a large group and then in small groups P. 87-88 # 22-34. We then moved to our last lesson---10 on p. 89-92

HOMEWORK:  Finish up the small group work for Monday


Monday, September 30: We took a table quiz which helped review concepts. p. 99 34-43.  Next we finished up lesson 10 ex. 4-7.

HOMEWORK: P. 94-94 1-15 and p. 100 1-7 for review:  Chapter 1 test is on Monday


Tuesday, October 1:  Today we corrected and discussed irrational numbers a bit more.  Then they had over 30 min. to work on a couple practice tests to help them review for tomorrow's ch. 1 test

HOMEWORK: complete both practice test 1A and 2A for 30pts EC in the homework category.  Review/Study for tomorrow's test


Wednesday, October 2:  Chapter 1 test

HOMEWORK:  none 


Thursday, October 3:  Today the kids got their test back--We went over a lot of missed problems.  They took a quick pretest for ch. 2 as well.   




Friday, October 4: Today we completed our rubric sheets that correlate their understanding from concepts tested to the Common Core State Standards.  We will use these rubrics to get a good idea of the level of understanding they have for each standard tested in Chapter 1.  This process took a bit of time, but it will go faster in the future.    Next I passed out logins and passwords for the Connected website and we went in to the computer lab to explore what the site has to offer.



Monday, October 7:  We began ch.2 lesson 1 on page 111-114

HOMEWORK: Guided Practice on p. 114


Tuesday, October 8:  Today we corrected and had  about 20 min. work time for the assignment.  Next we spent about 8 min. working through the Inquiry Lab on p. 119-120.

HOMEWORK: P. 115-116 1-18 all


Wednesday, October 9:  Short periods today. Whew!  Today we corrected and began Lesson 2 on p. 121-124--examples and guided practice.



Thursday, October 10:  We finished the lesson 2 examples and did some problems on the whiteboards.  This concept will take a few days to learn and feel comfortable with:  solving 2 step equations.  We also updated our rubrics

HOMEWORK: Lesson 2 Reteach WS  1-15  all.  They have answers to check their work.


Friday, October 11:  Today we corrected and asked questions from the homework and then they had the rest of the period to work on the assignment covering yesterday's concept.  They asked really good questions and work together and help each other beautifully!!!!

HOMEWORK: p. 125  1-8, 12, 16  and P. 127 19-27


Monday, October 14:  Today we completed p. 125 9-12 together and then corrected.  Next, we moved to Lesson 3 on P. 129-132 and did example problems together.

HOMEWORK: p.  133-4   1-11  : tomorrow we have a quiz on lessons 1-2 


Tuesday, October 15:  Today we corrected and discussed some problems and then we took a quiz on lessons 1-2---some kids a little more time tomorrow to finish

HOMEWORK:  p. 134 #13  and p. 138-9 2-6 all


Wednesday, October 16:  Today we finished up and corrected the quiz and corrected and discussed homework.  We began the Inquiry Lab for lesson 4 using manipulatives.



Thursday, October 17:  Today the kids got their quizzes back and updated their ch. 2 rubric.  Then we spent the rest of the period on the lesson 4 Inquiry Lab on p. 141-144.  The kids and I used models to show how each problem is solved and then we figured out each problem using written "algebra".

HOMEWORK: Lesson 4 Skills Practice WS odds---please show steps on a separate sheet of notebook paper.   *Note:  Absent kids can find this worksheet online on the connected.mcgraw-hill.com website under lesson 4


Friday, October 18  Field trip day and paper airplane day

HOMEWORK: finish Thursday's homework for Monday please.


Monday, October 21: Today we reviewed using the algebra tiles with modeling how to solve problems with variables on each side. They completed a rubric and really thought about what they understand and don't understand with this concept.  They glued the rubric self-assessment into their composition notebooks.  Next we answered problems from homework and then just briefly discussed example 3 from lesson 4.  Time ran out!!! Yikes

HOMEWORK:  complete the first 5 even problems from Thursday's 2-4 Skills WS and then finish looking at example 3 and then try #4 on page 148.


Tuesday, October 22:  Today we finished examples 3-4 and did the ex. 4 Got Its in our comp. notebook.  Then they had time to work.

HOMEWORK: p. 149 1-9 and 12-13


Wednesday, October 23:  Today we went over homework questions and then began lesson 5 on p. 153-155---We just had time to talk through ex. 1-2.  We did the got its a-b and they wrote some basic distributive property examples in their comp. notebooks. 

HOMEWORK: p. 157 1-4


Thursday, October 24:  We quickly corrected and finished doing the examples from lesson 5 (ex. 3-4) discussing null set and identity.   We did a few got it problems and then we moved to our Lesson 3-4 Quiz.  The kids will need about 10 min. for finish up their quiz on Monday

HOMEWORK: p. 157-159 5-10, 17-22      Due on Monday 


Friday, October 25---Retreat Day

HOMEWORK: finsh Thursdays assignment-due Monday


Monday, October 28:  today we spent quite a chunk of time going over homework problems and then kids finished Thursday's quiz.

HOMEWORK:  P. 164 1-3 and P. 165 1-5:  Really begin studying for the ch. 2 test that we will begin on Wednesday.


Tuesday, October 29:  We will spend class time going over homework then take the lesson 5 quiz and updating rubrics.  Then we will have class time to work on the practice test 2A and 15 min. of partner time to take a lesson 5 partner quiz

HOMEWORK:  Study for ch. 2 test for tomorrow---finish the practice test 2A


Wednesday, October 30:  Ch. 5 Test:  Short period so we will finish the test tomorrow.



Thursday, October 31:  finish ch. 5 test



Friday, November 1:  Take the ch. 3 Pre-test and get the ch. 2 test back and update the ch. 2 rubric.


Monday, November 4: We have short periods all week!! So we wont be able to get through as much.
Today we started ch. 3 lesson 1 on page 171-174.  We took notes in our comp. notebooks and referred to the book quite a bit.

HOMEWORK:  P. 174 1-2


Tuesday, November 5:



Wednesday, November 6: We continued with lesson 1 and did Problems 1-2 on p. 175 in the comp. notebook and took more good notes on this concept

HOMEWORK: p. 175 # 3 and # 8  (show why!)


Thursday, November 7:  We went over the homework and the concept a bit more and then moved to lesson 2 which deals with slope.  We didn't look at the book.  We just looked at lines that I drew on a coordinated plane and then used the rise over run strategy to find the slope.  We connected points on each line by rising and running which created a right triangle.  This was a good visual for the kids to see the rise/run of a line which is the slope.  We also played with the idea of starting at a top point and connecting it to a lower point  (with the same line)...down and left which will give us negative numbers, but the kids saw that rising up and moving right gave them the same slope as descending down and moving left. 

HOMEWORK:  There was not an assignment in the book, but for Monday they will finish drawing the slope triangles on the worksheet I introduced the slope concept on.  (Kolby can study the lesson 2 section and do a few got its.---Sorry I changed the assignment.)


Friday, November 8:  Veteran's Day Assembly----Not class

HOMEWORK: finish Thursday's worksheet


Monday, November 11: Veteran's Day no school



Tuesday, November 12: We corrected and drilled slope with triangles even more.  then we moved to learning the slope equation formula and took notes in the comp. notebook.  Next we went over lesson 2 in the book which drilled slope even more.  They should feel pretty good about this concept. 

HOMEWORK: p. 185 1-8


Wednesday, November 13: Today we discussed and worked with slope even more and corrected and then did p. 185-186 9 & 10 together--we also discussed the dog house problem on p. 184 #1

HOMEWORK: p. 186 11 and 13 and P. 184 2-5


Thursday, November 14: Today we corrected and moved to lesson 3 ---p. 189-190. We went over p. 189 and then ex. 1 and the got it on p. 190. 

HOMEWORK:  Read p. 191 example 2 and study it for 5 minutes. 
Also do p. 194 #1  P. 195  #1 and P. 197 #15


Friday, November 15: today we took at lesson 1 and 2 quiz and then moved to example 2 (in lesson 2) and did the got it problem together on page 191 (function tables).

HOMEWORK: p. 194, #2   p.195 #2  p. 197 #16


Monday, November 18: Today w began with and ET that reinforced the lesson 3 example 2 concept.  Next we corrected and discussed and then finished up lesson 3 by going over examples 3-4 and did got its c and e together. 

HOMEWORK:  p. 195 3-10


Tuesday, November 19: We started off with an ET --- p. 193 got it "d".   Then we corrected and discussed and then completed #13 on p. 196 independently.  Then they had work time for P. 197 15 and 17 and P. 194 3-5

HOMEWORK: P. 194 3-5, p. 197 #17 p. 220 1-6



Wednesday, November 20: Today we started with an ET worksheet reinforcing Lesson 3 even more 1-6.  Then we corrected and began Lesson 4 on p.199 and did examples 1-3 and the got its a-e. 

HOMEWORK: P. 203 1-7 and P. 205 17-21.  There is also a  6pt. quiz tomorrow over Lesson 3


Thursday, November 21:  We started with a the Lesson 3 Quiz and then corrected and then finished up Lesson 4 examples 4-5 with the got its g and f.  HOMEWORK:  Homework Practice WS 1-7  


Friday, November 22:  We started off with a Skills Practice worksheet reinforcing this concept : 1-18 all.  Next,  we corrected the WS and updated our rubric from the Lesson 3 quiz data.

HOMEWORK: p. 203 6-15  and skipped # 12


Monday, November 25: Today we began by putting several equations into slope intercept form.  Then we corrected and then had time to start the assignment.

HOMEWORK:  p. 205-6    22-35   Quiz tomorrow on ch. 3 lesson 4


Tuesday, November 26: Today we reviewed a touch and then took the Lesson 4 quiz.At the end of the period we corrected it.  After the quiz they got a good start on the homework.   We will correct yesterday's homework tomorrow.

HOMEWORK:  p. 217-219  1-6


Wednesday, November 27: We updated our rubrics and then corrected a couple of assignments.




Thursday, November 28: Thanksgiving Break



Friday, November 29:Thanksgiving Break




Monday, December 2: We started the period with a WS to help us remember how to solve one step equations.  Next, we moved to ch. 3 Lesson 5 on graphing functions using the x and y intercepts on p. 209-210.  We completed ex. # 1 in the comp. notebook and then worked through problem # 1 on the Lesson 5 Skills Practice worksheet. 

HOMEWORK:  Lesson 5 Skills Practice WS:  Numbers 1, 3, 4, 6 
(Kolby and Lexi can access this worksheet through the connected website under the ch. 3 lesson 5 "resources" tab. 


Tuesday, December 3: Today we corrected and then separated into workgroups and complete the Skills Practice WS and begin the Homework Practice 3.5 WS.  some kids worked with me the whole time, but most worked in small groups.

HOMEWORK:  Finish the Skills Practice 3.5 WS and do the Homework Practice WS 3.5 odds


Wednesday, December 4: Today we looked on the Connected Website at tutor examples from lesson 5 and then broke into table groups and did a problem and then taught another table how to do that problem.    (We will discuss specific homework questions tomorrow.)

HOMEWORK: P. 215 11-15 and p. 213 #5  (Maggie should also do 1-4 on p. 213)


Thursday, December 5: today we review lesson 5 and added to our comp. notebooks and then we took a Lesson 5 quiz and corrected it.  Next we did p. 216 review problems at the bottom of the page 18-23 (distributive property).

HOMEWORK: Read through the example problems for lesson p. 221-224 for 10 min.


Friday, December 6:  Today we updated our rubrics with the lesson 5 quiz and then we moved to Lesson 6 on p. 222-223 and completed ex. problems 1-3 in our comp. notebook.  We also did example problems on the Skills Practice WS 3.6   #1& 5.  The kids did pretty well with this concept!  they just need time to practice.  :)

HOMEWORK:  Skills Practice WS 3.6 all.  Some kids wanted to take home the Homework Practice WS 3.6 to get a head start for Monday.  We will work on this in class on Monday.   For Meg and Lexi:  Print out the worksheets from the website after going over examples 1-3 or....do 1-6 on p. 225. 


Monday, December 9:   We discussed the 4 different graphing equations we've been learning this chapter and then moved to completing problems together using white boards.  We did problems on p. 225 1-4 and then Discussed example 4 and then completed  #7 on p. 225.   

HOMEWORK:  p. 225-226 5-11 and P. 227 19-21 


Tuesday, December 10: We corrected and then moved to Lesson 7 on p. 233 and completed Example 1.

HOMEWORK: 3.7  Skills Practice WS #1 and the got it problem on p. 234 "a" 


Wednesday, December 11: short period today.  We completed the b got it on p. 234 and then discussed # 5 on yesterday's worksheet.

HOMEWORK: I handed out a chapter review packet and they should begin looking at Lessons 1-3.  I'm planning on a chapter test for Tuesday or Wednesday next week.


Thursday, December 12:  Today we did review paper (lessons 1-5) to start preparing for the ch. 3 test,  and then we did  p. 230 problems 2,3,and 6 together from lesson 7.  Finally we  began lesson 8 on p. 244 and then did example 1 and the got its a and b on o. 244. 

HOMEWORK:  P. 246 1-6


Friday, December 13:  today we looked at the Practice Quiz Review page that I gave them yesterday.  Next we took the lesson 6 and lesson 7 quiz and corrected it and discussed a bit.  Early finishers looked at lesson 8 p. 245 examples 2-3.  Monday we will spend more time on lesson 8.

HOMEWORK:  Study the packet I handed out the other day and we will try to take the test on Tuesday.  It would be a good idea to go to the connected website and take some practice quizzes for lessons in the chapter.


Monday, December 16: We reviewed lessons 5-8 and completed a lot of problems in our comp. notebook.

HOMEWORK:  Study composition notebook and review packet and papers for test tomorrow.


Tuesday, December 16: Chapter 3 Test



Wednesday, December 18:  We corrected missed problems on the test and asked questions individually---kids also help others.  A few kids will come in and reassess.  I spoke with them about seeing me tomorrow.



Thursday, December 19:



Friday, December 20:

HOMEWORK: no class  none


Monday, January 6-  Today we got back into the swing of things:  We started Unit 3 Chapter 4 on Functions (Lesson 1).  We completed the quick check on p. 266 and began looking at examples for lesson 1.  We just got through example 1.

HOMEWORKStudy for the Semester final tests. I will test the kids on chapters 1-3 and this will be their Semester final.  They will not have any other homework this week other than to study for this test that will be given on Wednesday, January 15th.  (next week).  They can study using the online connected program with the tutors, quizzes and they can print off worksheets.  They can also use their composition notebooks and their text book example problems to review from.  I've also allowed them to take home their 3 ring binder with their old quizzes and tests from chapters 1-3.


Tuesday, January 7:  Today we continues with ch. 5 lesson 1.  We did examples 3-4 on p. 269 and the Got its on pages 268 and 270 in our composition notebook.  Kids worked together or individually on P. 272 guided practice 1-2 and then p. 273 Independent Practice 1-2.

HOMEWORK:  Study 20-25 minutes for semester final!  (See Monday's specific ideas on ways to study.)




Wednesday, January 8:  Today we discussed examples 5-6 from ch. 5 lesson 1 on p. 271 and then did the got it together and then the "Stop and Reflect" problem on p. 27.  Next they worked together or individually on P. 272 guided practice #3 and then completed p. 273-276 3-10  #4 is EC.  I monitored and helped when needed.  

HOMEWORK: See Monday's ideas on specific ways to study for the final exam next Wednesday.


Thursday, January 9:  Today we had a great day working through lesson 1 independent practice and extra practice problems on p. 273-276 1-16.  Then the kids got a sneak peak at the "final test".

HOMEWORK:See Monday's ideas on specific ways to study for the final exam next Wednesday.


Friday, January 10:  Today the kids took a short 3 pt. quiz on ch.l 4 lesson 1.  then they had time to work together on the practice tests from ch. 1-3.

HOMEWORK: Today I gave the kids Practice tests on chapter 1-3 along with the answer key. They should work on completing this to help them be ready for Wednesday.   See Monday's ideas on specific ways to study for the final exam next Wednesday.


Monday, January 13:  Today we had about 30 min. of question/answer review for the final test.  We did several examples from the practice test that I gave them last week.  Next we quickly looked at ch. lesson 2 (p. 277-279) and took some vocab notes in our composition notebook---domain and range.   They completed p. 281 # 1 and # 5 before they left. 

HOMEWORK:  complete problems 1 and 5 if you didn't finish in class. 

Continue studying for the final exam that will be on Wednesday.


Tuesday, January14


Continue studying for tomorrow's final exam .


Wednesday, January 15:  Final Exam:  Chapters 1-3



Thursday, January 16:  No Class Today



Friday, January 17 : No School Semester Break Day-Teacher Work Day



Monday, January 20:  No school:  MLK Day



Tuesday, January 21: Today we reviewed ch.4 lesson 2 at bit and then moved into ch. 4 lesson 3 and took notes about what f(x) means.



Wednesday, January 22:  Today they got their semester final back and filed them in their classroom binder.  They should come in after school if they have questions about what they missed.     We also continued with lesson 3 and did some example problems from page 288 and the got its.  Then they had time for the Worksheet.

HOMEWORK:  ch. 4 lesson 3 Skills Practice 1-9 odd and do any 6 of the 9 problems at the bottom.


Thursday, January 23:  Today we discussed lesson 3 even more: independent and dependent variables and functions. On. p. 289-290 we did examples 3-5 and the got it problem and the guided practice #3 problem.  Then the kids had time to work on the assignment.   We will have a quiz tomorrow on Lesson 2 and 3

HOMEWORK: P. 291-293:  7,9,10,13,19,20,21


Friday, January 24:  Today we took an Aimweb Test for our school-wide math data and then we looked at homework problems and then took our lesson 2-3 quiz.  Next we started lesson 4 on p. 495.



Monday, January 27:  We updated our rubric with Fridays quizzes and then started lesson 4 and got through examples 1-2 and did the got it on p. 296

HOMEWORK:  p. 301 1-4 


Tuesday, January 28:January 29:  We completed # 1-2 on p. 300 for an Entry Task and then went over the examples 3-5 on p. 298-299, discussing continuous and discrete.  Then they had about 25 min. of work time.

HOMEWORK: P. 299 got its at the bottom of the page, p. 300 #3 and p. 301-302 # 5 and 10


Wednesday, January 29:  Today we corrected and discussed and then took a lesson 4 quiz and then had time to start the homework.  (We did p. 305 together.)


HOMEWORK: P. Look at page 305 and complete p. 307 2-6 and p. 308 all (Mid-chapter practice test)


Thursday, January 30:  We updated our rubric with the lesson 4 quiz and corrected the word problems from p. 307.  We also discussed what the numbers are representing in a direct variation and an equation in slope intercept form when we are looking at a graph.   ------ next we went to an assembly

HOMEWORK: finish up the mid-chapter test on page 308


Friday, January 31:  Today we went over the mid chapter test homework and then moved right into lesson 5 ch. 4 beginning on p. 314.  We went over examples 1-4 and did a couple of the got its.  Then they had about 18 minutes to work together on the assignment and I went around to answer questions.

HOMEWORK:  P. 315-316   1-5



Monday, February 3: Today we corrected and discussed and then we did problems 7-9 on p. 316-317 in groups...and then we had work time on the same lesson.

Homework:  p. 317-318 10-21 skip #13


Tuesday, February 4:Today we went over homework and took the lesson 5 chapter 4 quiz.  Then the kids looked over lesson 6 if they had extra time.

Homework: none


Wednesday, February 5: Great teaching day!!!  the kids updated their rubric with their lesson 5 quiz and filed the quiz and then we discussed the quiz a bit.  then the table groups discussed each example in lesson 6 and did the got it problems together and then moved into the assignment.  Good conversations with awesome learning going on!!!

Homework: p. 232 1-5


Thursday, February 6: Today we discussed # 6 on p. 324 and found new partners (Cold Play)  Then the partners worked on writing a scenario for an equation and then a question. The partners also did 1-2 on 4.6 Skills WS and # 9 on p. 324.  Then they took a 2 question quiz on lesson 6.  Next they read lesson 7 and moved to got its if they had time.

Homework: none today


Friday, February 7: Today we updated our rubrics and discussed the quiz a bit.  Then we moved into Lesson 7 chapter 4 and went over example problems 1-2 and the kids were supposed to look at 3-4 on their own and then find their coldplay partner and begin their assignment.

Homework: P. 331 1-8


Monday, February 10:We went over homework and then completed P. 332 11-12 together and a couple kids explained how they did # 19 on the next page.  Then they had about 6 min. to get a start on the homework.  Next we moved to lesson 8 on p. 335 and took a few notes in the comp. notebook.

Homework: P. 332 11-12  and P. 333 20-25


Tuesday, February 11:  Today I launched a new 6 week program to help solidify basic concepts in algebra.  This week the kids will work on combining Like Terms.  We practiced a few and then they did their Tuesday WS and scored themselves.  We will individually and publically keep track of progress, and receive rewards every Friday and at the end of the 6 weeks.   After this, we corrected homework and then added more notes to our comp. notebooks  on lesson 8.

Homework:  Read through examples 1-2 on p. 336 and do got it a.  Use -2,-2,0, and 1 for the domain (x coordinates).


Wednesday, February 12:  Corrected and went over more examples on lesson 8 in the book.

Homework: p. 339 1-4 and 6-11


Thursday, February 13:  We corrected and had time to work more on lesson 8

Homework: p. 341 16-37 all


Friday, February 14: We took a quiz on lesson 8 and corrected it.  We also completed our first week of our SSG on Combining like Terms and took a wrap up 4 pt. quiz.  Short period today.

Homework: none


Monday, February 17: No School



Tuesday, February 18:  Today we updated our rubric and had a discussion on why the common core standards are more advanced than the WA standards were.  We began lesson 9 chapter 5 and read the examples on p. 347-350.  Qualitative graphs seem pretty easy, so we will have a short quiz on this tomorrow and then start reviewing for the ch. 5 test that will be on Friday.

Homework: p. 351   1-5 all


Wednesday, February 19:We  corrected and discussed more problems for lesson 9 and then we took a quiz and had time to work on p. 354 16-21

Homework:  p. 354 16-21P 356 1-5 


Thursday, February 20: We corrected and review for the test.

Homework: study for test---use past quizzes


Friday, February 21:  Today the kids took the Chapter 4 test

Homework: none


Monday, February 24:  Today the kids got their test back!  As a whole, they did just fabulous!!!!!  I couldn't have really expected better!  I'm so proud of their hard work and motivation!  After a little celebration, we updated our rubrics and filed the tests and then passed out the new books for 2nd semester.  They should keep their old books for reference, but at this time we are finished with the first half of this Course 3 book.

Homework:  Read about what we will learn in Chapter 5.  (We are moving into some geometry!)  Fun!!!!


Tuesday, February 25:   Today we corrected the Post (Pre-test over lesson 4) and corrected it.  We also moved to our next  level of our SSG which is distributing with more than 1 variable and then we began taking notes on  ch. 5 lesson 1.

Homework: none


Wednesday, February 26: Today we recorded the post (pre-test) for chapter 4  on the rubric, corrected and recorded the ch.5 pre-test, completed our SGG  and then finally finished taking notes on ch. 5 lesson 1 vocabulary. 

Homework:  Read through and study the example problems for lesson 1 on p. 372-373


Thursday, February 27:  We started the period with the 5.1 Skills Practice worksheet and corrected it and moved to the guided practice on p. 374 and then had time to work on the assignment.

Homework: p. 375-377  1-19  skip #9


Friday, February 28:  We took our SGG mini test and then moved right into correcting the guided practice and the 1-19 assignment.  We had some good light bulb moments while correcting and discussing this new content.  We did not move into the next lesson!

Homework: go over Thursday's homework again with insight from our time correcting and discussing the problems.  (Revisit #12-19---the problems that we didn't get to and try them again with your new insights. 



Monday, March 3:    We discussed Thursday's homework more and moved to lesson 2 on Proofs.  We talked about ex. 1 and then moved to the  5.2 Reteach WS and did a problems together on that WS as well.  W

Homework: Try 5.2 Skills Practice WS 1-3


Tuesday, March 4:   We had a 3 point quiz on lesson 1 and then discussed the problems on lesson 2.

Homework: none 


Wednesday, March 5:  We did the Inquire lab before lesson 3 on the sum of interior angles of a triangle, and then we took notes on ex. 1-2 on lesson 3. 

Homework: p. 392 1-3 and P. 393 1-4


Thursday, March 6: We corrected and took notes on Exterior Angles of Triangles from lesson 3, did example 3 and the got it.  Next the kids partnered up with their Firework partner and completed p. 394 5-15.  Next we took notes on lesson 4 on polygons and angles ad did examples 1-2.

Homework: finish p. 394 work and 5.4 Skills WS all


Friday, March 7: no school



Monday, March 10:  After going over the h.w. and discussing how to find the measure of interior angles of regular polygons,  we had a fun review with the white boards on lesson 3.  We completed every problem on p. 395 and then moved back into lesson 4 to learn about the sum of exterior angles of any polygon.  

Homework: p. 396 28-34 all     P. 399-Study the 2 bottom problems


Tuesday, March 11:  We began with correcting and then moved to lesson 4 got its d-f and then ex. #3 and then the got its  g-i  and then did the guided practice on p. 400.  Then with their Dynomite Partner, they did problems p. 401-402  1-11 & 14-15

Homework: p. 403 17-27 p. 408  1-10


Wednesday, March 12: short period today---- We reviewed a touch and then they took a quiz on lesson 3 and 4.

Homework: none


Thursday, March 13: We corrected the quiz and then moved into an Inquiry Lab that will get us ready for lesson 4 which will teach us the Pythagorean Theorem.    FUN!!!!! 

Homework: none


Friday, March 14: Today we spent a bit more time on the Inquiry Lab on p. 409-410 and made some discoveries and then moved right into lesson 5 and learned the Pythagorean Theorem.  We did some example 1 and then had a chance to practice basic problems on the 5.5 Skills WS and then did example 2 which was a bit of a twist on the Theorem and did more problems on the WS. 

Homework: 5.5 skills WS 1-16 all


Monday, March 17:  Today we discussed the Theorem a bit more and then completed ex. 3 in lesson 5 and then had time to work.  We also started our last week of our SSG: Distribute/Combine Like Terms with Fractions

Homework:  Finish 5.5 Skills WS and 5.5 PSWS All 


Tuesday, March 18:  We turned in h.w., answered questions.  We moved into lesson 6 and completed examples .  Then the kids got into their Firework partners groups and completed the GP on page 426 1-4 and then p. 427   1-6

Homework:  finish up the above partner work 


Wednesday, March 19: We looked at homework and also watch the Scarecrow on The Wizard of OZ incorrectly state the Pythagorean Theorem.  :)     Then we moved to lesson 7  which taught about the distance formula and we did examples 1&3.



Thursday, March 20:   Today we did our ssg and took a quick quiz on lesson 5.  Then the kids had about ten min. to complete 11-17 odds on p. 428-427  Next we looked at ex. 3 on lesson 7 and then the kids had time to work on the assignment.

Homework: 11-17 odds on p. 428-427     435 1-8


Friday, March 21: We took our last SSG and signed up for ice cream treats for next Friday.  Then we corrected and looked at the homework and then took a lesson 6 quiz

Homework: p. 436 9 and 12


Monday, March 24:   Today we answered questions from the quiz and then used the rest of the period to look at the review packet to help us get ready for the test on Wednesday for chapter 5.  We did the last 3 problems on the back page together.

Homework: complete the first 3 pages of the review  "practice test" packet.


Tuesday, March 25: Today we corrected and asked questions from the practice test and then we retook the pretest as a quiz grade. 

Homework:  Study for the ch. 5 test for tomorrow. 


Wednesday, March 26:  Chapter 5 Test

Homework: none


Thursday, March 27: Get test back and update Rubrics and take the chapter 6 Pretest and correct it.

Homework: none


Friday, March 28: Student Growth Goal Celebrating Success Ice-cream Party!!!!!  I'm so proud of this class and love working with them because they work so hard and are motivated!!!!!



Monday, March 31:  This week we have super short classes due to the early release conference week:       Today and Tuesday we are reviewing a very important concept from Course 2---chapter 1:  proportions and writing direct variation equations.  We  worked through the ch. 1 pretest and p. 59-60

Homework: none


Tuesday, April 1:  See Monday



Wednesday, April 2:



Thursday, April 3:

Homework: p. 467-8 13-25


Friday, April 4:

Homework: p. 457 1-7


Monday, April 14:  We review lessons 1-2 for chapter 6 and took notes in our comp. notebook and went over our new rubric.

Homework:  6.1 and 6.2 Skills Practice WS all 


Tuesday, April 15:  the kids had worktime on yesterday's packet and then we corrected an assignment from before the break and answered any questions from the workpacket.  Then they worked together on a 6.1 and 6.2 quick check and then they took a 9 point quiz on lessons 1 and 2.

Homework:  none


Wednesday, April 16: We corrected yesterday's quiz and updated the rubric and then started lesson 3 for ch. 6.  This lesson is on rotations.  We went over example 1 and then I show the kids using transparency paper what is actually happening when a figure is rotated 90, 180 and 270 degrees.  (short period today---we will practice this concept tomorrow.

Homework: none


Thursday, April 17:  We started by practicing rotations with transparency paper for lesson 3.  We did examples 1 together and the got it "a" together using the transparency paper and guided practice # 2 together too

Homework: 6.3 Skills Practice 1-2 and 6.3 Homework Practice 1-2 Worksheets


Friday, April 18:  We continued on with the lesson, but today we rotated around the origin.  We did example 2 together and the got it "b" and then guided practice # 1 together with the transparency paper.

Homework: 6.3 Skills Practice 3-4 and 6.3 Homework Practice 3-4 Worksheets and p. 479 1and # 9


Monday, April 21:  

Homework:  p. 481 10-17 skip #12


Tuesday, April 22:  We took a lesson 3 quiz and then we touched a bit on lesson 4-dilations

Homework: none


Wednesday, April 23:During class we worked together on Lesson 4 examples, guided practice and p. 491 1-4 and #6

Homework: complete the review packet and the lesson 4 quick check


Thursday, April 24: Chapter 6 Post Pretest, and they took the ch. 6 Final Test

Homework: none


Friday, April 25:We had time to revisit the test and make 1 correction---I individually went around to each student and corrected and scored the test.  :)  When they were done, they independently started ch. 7 lesson 4, reading through the lesson, lesson examples and the completing the got its.

Homework: none


Monday, April 28:  



Tuesday, April 29: we corrected and completed  7.4 skills ws 5-8 together and then moved to lesson 5 from chapter 7 on slope and similar triangles.

Homework: 7.5 skills ws odds/p. 565 1-4 


Wednesday, April 30: testing---no new lesson



Thursday, April 31: We went over homework and discussed lesson 6 a great deal regarding slope and similar triangles.

Homework: p. 557 1-7 and #12 and p. 567 11-15


Friday, May 1: no class- Smarter Balance English Test

Homework: complete Thursday's homework


Monday, May 5:  Today we corrected and answered questions lesson 5-6 and started lesson 7 doing examples 1-2 and the 2 got its

Homework: P. 572 1-2 and p. 573 1-3


Tuesday, May 6: We corrected and learned the second portion of lesson 7 (area)---then they took a quiz on lesson 4-6 and then worked on their assignment

Homework: p. 572 #3 and P. 573 4-6


Wednesday, May 7: short class today and Aimsweb Progress Monitoring Testing

Homework: none


Thursday, May 8:  We went over the homework and more lesson 7 problems.  We talked a lot about how lesson 7 problems could also be solved using the lesson 4 (proportion method), however when we are finding area, we still need to square the scale factor before setting up the proportion.

Homework: Study for test


Friday, May 9: ch. 7 Lessons 4-7 Test

Homework: none


Monday, May 12: Substitute was in for me today.  She started ch. 8 lesson 1 on volume of cylinders. She covered the example problems and the got its.

Homework: She assignmed the independent practice problems skipping the "hot" problems. 


Tuesday, May 13: Sub in for me today.  She did a demo of # 7 on p. 594 and then another demo on lesson 2...the volume of a cone.  She taught lesson 2 with the examples and got its and then they had time to work.

Homework: p. 600 1-6  P. 601 1-14


Wednesday, May 14:  We answered questions and discussed the lessons from the last 2 days. And then I taught lesson 3---the volume of spheres.

Homework: none---Study for tomorrow's quiz.


Thursday, May 15: Quiz on lessons 1-2 and then work time outside

Homework: 8.3 skills and PSWS


Friday, May 16-May 21:  Ch. 8:  finish up lessons 4-6 and test on Ch. 8


May 22-30:  Chapter 9  from the Course 2 Curriculum: Probability- Lesson 1-7 and we will skip lesson 4. 

June 2-June 6:  Smarter Balance Testing and Toothpick Bridge Project













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