Assignment On Financial Management Pdf

As noted in the course syllabus, the written assignments will consist of both problem sets and cases. The problem sets should be fairly straightforward. The cases are more difficult and longer, and we will typically discuss them in class. Students should work together on the assignments in groups of four.

Part 1 - Introduction
 2Principles Of Valuation 
Part 2 - Project and Firm Valuation
 3Evaluating Projects (1)Problem Set 1 (PDF)

Financial Functions Spreadsheet (XLS)
24Case: Acid Rain: The Southern Co.Problem Set 2: Case (PDF)
 5Evaluating Projects (2) 
 6Firm Valuation (1) 
37Firm Valuation (2) 
 8Case:  Cooper Industries, Inc.Problem Set 3: Case (PDF)
Part 3 - Risk and Return
39Introduction to Risk and Return 
 10Portfolio Theory 
 12Discount Rates in PracticeProblem Set 4 (PDF)

Selectronics Spreadsheet (XLS)

Portfolio Spreadsheet (XLS)
 13Case: Cost of Capital at AmeritradeProblem Set 5: Case (PDF)
Part 4 - Financing Policy
 14Raising Capital 
 15Capital Structure (1) 
 16Capital Structure (2) 
517Two Cases: Debt Policy at UST, Inc. and Massey-Ferguson Ltd. - 1980Problem Set 6: Case (PDF)

Problem Set 7: Case (PDF)
 18Market Efficiency 
 19Options (1) 
 20Options (2)

Final Exam


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