God Is My Hero Essay Sample

My father, my hero. I admire my father because he’s very brave. He makes it a priority that his family is well taken care of and is protected. He would swim in an ocean for his family. He values his family very much. He wouldn’t trade his family for anything. For his family dedication, his family wouldn’t trade him for anything either.

My father, my hero. I admire my father because he is a dedicated man. Not only to his family but to the community as a whole. He is known for his good deeds. My father is a man of God, and spreads the word of Lord. He is not a hero only to me but to many people out there as well. I mostly admire him because he has courage…

“My father, my hero. He took me to the park and bought me ice cream.” My friends used to say about their own dads. Yeah, what about me? Well mine, I don’t even remember when last I saw him. Probably a year ago, no that’s too soon, maybe six or seven years back. Again, no that’s too recent, maybe ten or twelve years back. Exactly!

It’s been that long. I don’t even remember sharing a memory with him, let alone a laugh. How old am I? 16 years old and last saw my dad- Let me rephrase that. 16 years old and I last saw my father about 12 years ago. He is not my dad, which is why I rephrased the last sentence. He is more like a sperm-donor to me that contributed to my production.

My father, my zero. He makes it a priority that his family is taken care of and is protected, but not me. He would swim in an ocean for his family, but never for me. He values his family very much but not me. He wouldn’t trade his family for anything, but for me he would. And I would never trade him for anything, unlike him.

My father, my zero. He is dedicated to his family and community but not to me. He is known for his good deeds but I know him for only for one cruel deed, side-lining me. He is a man of God and spreads the word of the Lord, but to me, he implies the opposite.

My father, my zero. He has courage. Courage I thought no parent has. I have grown to become a young woman now without his interference in my life. That courage he has, acting as if no human did he add to mother earth.

My dad – father might have made this mistake of allowing it that he becomes my zero but he is my father after all. He is the biggest inspiration behind my success because I strive to be the best. I’m trying to prove it to him that I can be what I want to become without his support.

I strive to become the best to prove it to him that I have become a better person because of him. He is my zero, inspiration father that has contributed into making me who I am today by making me emotionally strong and also by making me know how rejection feels.

He is my father, my zero because he made feel insecure and made me get full of hatred, whereas he must’ve been my rock as my father.

He is my father, my hero because today I’m strong and know how to forgive those who are not worth of my forgiveness. Lastly because he has inspired me, unbeknownst to him, to become more of whom I want to become.

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5 Reasons Why Jesus is My Hero  – Writers Blog Hop

Third in a series of a Writers Blog Hop held by Ruth Snyder. 

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Two Fridays ago the word of the week for Five Minute Friday was “hero”. I wrote for 5 minutes as I reflected on my hero. You can read it here.

Now I want to go into more detail of why Jesus is my hero.

 Jesus made me to be born again and so He changed me. (click to tweet)

Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. — John 3:3

Being born again from above is a perennial, perpetual and eternal beginning; a freshness all the time in thinking and in talking and in living, the continual surprise of the life of God (Oswald Chambers).

1. Jesus took away my WORRIES.

The first scripture I memorized was Philippians 4:6

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

And he replaced my worries with prayer.

– Put
– Reason
– Aside
– Yield.

2. Jesus brought a PEACE into my daily life.

Now that I know He is in charge, I can go about my day following His leading.

P – Put
E – Everything
A – Aside
C – Christ
E – Enters

3. Jesus made me REAL.

Before my relationship with Jesus I play-acted my life. I went through the motions not knowing what I was doing here on earth. When I realized that this life is not the end, I could relax, enjoy and see each minute as a gift from God.

R – Release
E – Everything
A – And
L – Live

4. Jesus taught me not to FEAR.

Before I met Jesus I had many fears – fear of dying, fear of heights, fear of thunderstorms, fear for my children, fear of sitting by myself in a restaurant, fear of shopping by myself, fear of flying. (probably more).

I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears (Psalm 34:4, NIV).

My fears are all gone. I no longer have any fear except of God Himself.

Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress,
and for their children it will be a refuge (Proverbs 14:26, NIV).

5. Jesus brought me into a COMMUNITY of His Saints.

– others who really cared for me. Before I had acquaintances and friends. Now I have Friends Forever in Christ.

So Jesus is my Hero. He changed my life. He is the One I look to for everything. (click to tweet)

Is Jesus your hero?

I love this song sung here by Jesus Culture – Holding Nothing Back, by Tim Hughes.

I am chosen, I am free
I am living for eternity
Free now forever
You pick me up, turn me around
You set my feet on solid ground
Yours now forever

And nothing’s gonna hold me back
Nothing’s gonna hold me back
Nothing’s gonna hold me back

My chains fell off, my heart was free
I’m alive to live for You
I’m alive to live for You

Amazing love, how can it be?
You gave everything for me
You gave everything for me

You’ve washed my sin and shame away
The slate is clean, a brand new day

Free now forever
Now boldly I approach Your throne
To claim this crown through Christ my own
Yours now forever, yeah

And I’m free to live, free to give, free to be
I’m free to love You

Free to live, free to give, free to be
I’m free to love You
Free to live, free to give, free to be
I’m free to love You, Lord

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